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The Anarchist Black Cross was originated in Tsarist Russia to organise aid for political prisoners. In the late 1960s the organisation resurfaced in Britain, where it first worked to aid prisoners of the Spanish resistance fighting the dictator Franco's police. Now it has expanded and groups are found in many countries around the world. We support anarchist and other class struggle prisoners, fund-raise on behalf of prisoners in need of funds for legal cases or otherwise, and organise demonstrations of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and other prisoners.

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The listing of any prisoner or any activities on this site is for information purposes only, and should not be construed by any state organisation as representing our active support for their actions or those activities.

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Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary 2019

To see inside the 2019 Bottled Wasp scroll through the image below.

The seventh and, sadly, final edition of the Bottled Wasp is now available. So much more than just another diary, on every page it features choice nuggets of radical history coupled with tasteful quarter tone illustrations. The theme of this year's diary is Anarchists [previous editions have featured Industrial Struggles; Rebel Women; Insurrection, Revolt and Revolution; International Anti-Fascist Struggle; Radical Arts and Prisoner Support], covering the whole spectrum of the proponents of anarchist praxis – though we have to emphasise, no proponents of so-called 'anarcho-capitalism' or anybody connected to US rightwing libertarianism – some you will know of but many you wont. This time round out twelve monthly features are: Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, Hiratsuka Raichō, Otto Gross, Erich Mühsam, Maria Lacerda de Moura, Teresa Claramunt i Creus, José Buenaventura Durruti Domínguez, Bernard Konrad Świerczyński, Toyen (Marie Čermínová), Emidio Recchioni, Ba Jin [巴金], pseud. of Li Yaotang [李尧棠], and Rose Pesotta; and amongst those included in our pages you will almost certainly find yourself saying, "I didn't know s/he was an anarchist." ... or we will not have done our job properly if you do not.

The 2019 Bottled Wasp continues to present radical history in a friendly pocket-size format with a stitched spine for extra durability, and the cover price remains the same as in previous years, £5.00. Copies can be prechased via our Bandcamp webshop.

You can download a printable double-sided A5 flier for next year's Bottled Wasp here.

Bottled Wasp 2019 cover

We dedicate the 2019 Bottled Wasp to our fallen comrade Anna Campbell (Hêlîn Qaraçox), who was killed in an air strike in Afrín on March 18, 2018 whilst defending the Rojava autonomous region from a Turkish military incursion. Rest In Power Anna.

Bottled Wasp 2019 cover

Covers from Previous Years

Bottled Wasp 2018 cover
Bottled Wasp 2017 cover

Bottled Wasp 2015 standard 'happy' cover
Bottled Wasp 2016 limited edition 'sad' cover

Bottled Wasp 2013 cover
Bottled Wasp 2014 cover


The Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary is a not-for-profit prisoner support fundraising project that was officially launched by Brighton Anarchist Black Cross and associates at the 2012 London Anarchist Bookfair. Our plan is to create a long-term stable income for prisoner support activities, delivering a publishing template that can be used by a hopefully independent self-sustaining collective that will go on to produce the diary in future years.

This stylish new radical European counterpart to the U.S.-centric Slingshot Diary focuses on a new area of radical politics and history each year: the 2013 Bottled Wasp featured an introduction to prisoner support and general prison-related history and issues; the 2014 edition covered the history of radical arts and artists, focusing on the importance of anarchist and libertarian thought on the Arts, revealing its lesser known and hidden histories in the areas of the plastics arts, music, literature, photography, film, dance, etc.; whilst the 2015 diary featured the International Anti-Fascist Struggle, covering the entire history of the fight against ultra-nationalism, fascism in its myriad of forms and Nazism around the world.

If you like what you see, then why not pass the word on about the Bottled Wasp to anyone else who you think might appreciate our work and be interested in stocking or buying copies in future.


If you wish to make a donation to the Bottled Wasp project and to the work that the Anarchist Black Cross network and other prisoner support groups do, then here are our bank account details:

The Bottled Wasp
Co-operative Bank
Sort code: 08-92-99
Acc. No.: 65601648
IBAN: GB 35 CPBK 08929965601648

Discounted copies of all the previous versions of Bottled Wasp are availble from our online store.